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Nothing can beat hard work, dedication, and innovation for success in work and life, and this is especially true for the President of President Group, Bhola Bikram Thapa, who started his career as ticketing personnel with Yeti Travels.
When he established the company nearly 40 years ago, it was literally a one-man band; today, the company has over 100 employees, is a recognized travel and tourism brand, and has been recognized by several airlines, including Qatar Airways, SilkAir, and Etihad Airways, for its outstanding performance.

Dhananjaya Regmi
CEO | Nepal Tourism Board

Dr. Dhananjay Regmi

Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, born in 1975 in Nepal, obtained his PhD in Environmental Earth Science from Hokkaido University, Japan, in 2006. Then he served as a postdoctoral research fellow for the Global Land Project at the NODAL office in Sapporo, Japan. He completed a three-month post-doctoral course on deochronological research at Arizona University, USA, as a Hurry Fellow.



Every journey is a reward. No matter how painful a journey may become, it takes one to a destination where one really wants to be. Deepak Malhotra has had a journey filled with more bitterness than anything else. Executive Chairman of the IMS Group, Malhotra’s journey as an entrepreneur has been full of upheavals.

For Malhotra, success comes along with recognition, public relations, and active involvement in work. IMS is the authorized distributor of Samsung mobiles in Nepal. It was in 1979 when Malhotra began a business of his own. He started off by importing watches. Malhotra, who has an avid interest in traveling, was on a tour to Hong Kong when the idea of trading clicked.


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